1. Fear nothing. (Feat. Trapstar Top) Shot by Matteo Scaglione


  2. Balenciaga flexin’ Shot by Matteo Scaglione


  3. kariskythepharaoh asked: I just checked out your blog & I love it. As a fellow visual artist I was wondering if you could offer any tips of how you market yourself?

    Thank you. Keep your social media game on lock, keep putting your work out and keep sharing. Stay patient as well, if you keep putting in work and your work is tight then the opportunities will present themselves. A lot of the times as artists we feel disheartened when we don’t have all these brands hitting us up, or getting commission work, but I always believe that when the time is right and everything is in place; the product will be TOO good and they will come to us. 


  4. Red Octobers Shot by Matteo Scaglione


  5. Dam Shot by Matteo Scaglione


  6. The lovely @ShamaAnwar shot by Matteo Scaglione


  7. We are all simply trying to follow our dreams and do what we love. Word to my bro skateboard T @tanakasamuel. Shot by Matteo Scaglione


  8. You ever met @planetalex before? She’s one of the nicest & illest people I know. 


  9. Julian @twinsmatic shot by Matteo Scaglione


  10. YO! Just know I’m only getting started.  Shot by Matteo Scaglione