1. "Looking in the mirror everyday I get older
    Learn from the past everyday I get stronger
    Yesterday was hard, but it made me a soldier
    You don’t get nothing if you don’t work hard
    You can’t earn stripes if you never had scars
    There’s way more to life then money and nice cars
    You are who you are, you might be a bum
    You could be a star, you might be a prisoner fighting behind bars
    You trying to find peace, I’mma try to find God
    You searching for your destiny we trying to find ours”


  2. Queen @jenD_Delacruz portrait shot by Matteo Scaglione


  3. Andre Wagner (photoDre), portrait 2014 shot by Matteo Scaglione


  4. Travellin’ man shot by Matteo Scaglione


  5. Get lost Shot by Matteo Scaglione


  6. Theophilus Martins portrait London, 2014 Shot by Matteo Scaglione


  7. #NIKEAW14 cc: @Eddie_Fiasco Shot by Matteo Scaglione 


  8. The waviest G alive.


  9. CORK shot by Matteo Scaglione 


  10. It was really important for me to see all my friends in the same room last night. Shouts to Mike @dosglobal