1. inspiration 


  2. Always spread love and give back to people. @jadedelafleur shot by Matteo Scaglione


  3. She seen me pull up in a ‘rarri, Darlyn LES portrait 


  4. Showing some work today in collaboration with Marbek London. Complimentary drinks & food. If you’re in East LDN holla


  5. Over 10 years ago I remember standing in front of the flagship Bape store in Hong Kong. I didn’t own a camera & I wasn’t interested in fashion, but I thought the logo was cool and I was fascinated by the Ape face. Over the years my passions developed and Nigo continued to grow as one of the most prominent designers of our generation. Me, 10 years later being able to shoot a brand I’ve watched grow over time and leave a mark on my childhood is truly a blessing. Don’t sleep on these little moments, as they shape who you are & show that anything is possible. #dreamsdocometrue 


  6. Preach @kojeyradical shot by Matteo Scaglione


  7. BAPE® *A BATHING @ABathingApe_EU Shot by Matteo Scaglione


  8. Dmitri Portrait, SoHo NYC 2014 shot by Matteo Scaglione


  9. Blue shoes - @Puma shot by Matteo Scaglione


  10. "Fear not when, fear not why, fear not much while we’re alive
    Life is for living, not living up tight, see ya somewhere up in the sky”